FCCA and CBTC – September 30, 2019 – January 31, 2020

CALL FOR ENTRIES: FCCA and Community Bank of the Chesapeake Community Art Exhibit

All artists who are current members of FCCA are invited to submit entries for the fall exhibit at the downtown branch of the Bank located at 425 William Street.  Exhibits run for four months.

Penny A Parrish, Special Events coordinator for FCCA and CBTC, along with FCCA Past President Carol Rauh, will coordinate the selection and installation of the art.  All work must be for sale, properly framed and ready to hang (with gallery hooks and wire).  If art is sold, 25% of the purchase price will go to FCCA.  Work must remain on display through the duration of the exhibition, which will run from September 30, 2019 through January 31, 2020.  If a piece sells, the artist will be encouraged to bring in a replacement work.


FCCA members are invited to submit up to three works of art for this show.  Work MUST be submitted digitally to bankartfcca@gmail.com  or you can use the online submission form under CBTC.  Only 2D work will be accepted.  THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE FOR THIS SHOW.  Submissions are due Wednesday, September 4, 2019.  Notifications of accepted work will be sent out via email on Wednesday, September 11.  Accepted works must be delivered to the CBTC branch at 425 William Street the morning of Monday, September 30.  If you are unable to bring the work in yourself, you must have someone else deliver it for you.

Procedures and requirements are the same as those for submitting to FCCA shows, however, you must submit them to the above email site or the CBTC online form (not FCCA).  Include the following information:

  • Artist Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number(s)

And the following information for each piece:

  • Title (Lastname_firstname_title.jpg)
  • Media
  • Framed size (HxWxD)
  • Price
  • (Optional) 15 word description of the artwork – location, background, mood, etc.


Pictures MUST be in JPG form (if you take pictures with a smart phone, they usually need to be converted to JPEG).

Images should be no larger than 1600 pixels in the longest dimension.

  • Please fill out the entire form and load all your entries before sending the upload.

    *Required information. A red highlight will appear if information is missing or incomplete.

  • Email notification will be sent.
  • Submitted Work’s Information

  • Size unframed/unmounted in inches

  • Submit JPG images (1600 pixels in the longest dimension).
    Please name and enter File of jpg image as follows: LastName_FirstName_ImageName.jpg
    Example of Title image: Smith_John_Flowers.jpg)
  • (unframed/unmounted size: HxWxD in.)
  • Submit JPG images (1600 pixels in the longest dimension)
  • (unframed/unmounted size: HxWxD in.)
  • Submit JPG images (1600 pixels in the longest dimension)
  • Liability & Agreement
    • FCCA reserves the right to reject from exhibition works accepted by juror, due to content or inability to properly install the work.
    • A 25% donation of sale price is required of all sales.
    • By submitting work for entry, artist agrees to allow representations of work to be shown and reproduced for publicity purposes.
    • Although every care will be taken by the FCCA, the exhibition committee and the Frederick Gallery, liability cannot be assumed for loss or damage of submitted works. It is suggested that artists wishing protection insure their works independently. Submission of a work to the exhibition shall constitute an agreement to comply with all conditions set in this prospectus.
  • By clicking Submit, I affirm that the artwork in the image(s) submitted is my own work and representative of the original artwork. If I am selected by the jury, I agree to abide by the rules of the FCCA and to deliver my original artwork to the CBTC branch at 425 William Street the morning of Monday, September 30th, 2019.

    If you complete this form, please, click on SUBMIT button.

If you have any questions, please contact Penny A Parrish, CBTC Special Events coordinator at penmark994@aol.com.