Members’ Gallery Call for Entries

General Requirements

All entries submitted to Members’ Gallery exhibitions must be original – work created by the artist and is not a copy or version of another person’s artwork.  Artists using reference materials should use only their own photos and sketches. The appropriation of images may be an infringement of copyright laws and illegal, as well as unacceptable in our gallery. If an artist is using borrowed images (appropriation of another’s work), the work must be substantially altered in order to be considered original and may require written consent.

We encourage artist to submit their very best art to display in the gallery.  We do not impose limitations in terms of when the art was created, but we do ask artists to refrain for using art that was used in past shows in the Members’ Gallery.

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List and description of 2021 Calls

May: Paper and Threads
June: Digital Creations
July: 3-D/Mixed Media
August: Drawing and Sketches
September: Lasting Allure of Paint 2
October: Artistic Expression
November: Collaborative Art
December: Holiday Show