MG October 2021

Artistic Expression

Exhibition Description

Important Dates

This show is designed to provide gallery viewers a visual display of how the artist’s unique perspective concludes in finished art representing their distinctive vision.

(1) This is a team show and photographers must form their own teams.

(2) Each team will consist of five photographers.

(3) Each team will select six subjects of their choosing (e.g., bridges, objects, settings, humans, buildings, animals, landscape, etc.) to photograph.

(4) Each team member will photograph the same subject selected by the team.

For example, if the team selects a specific barn for one of their subjects, part of the show will include five images of that barn – one from each photographer demonstrating their distinctive photographic perspective.  If another subject is a specific waterfall, the show will include five images of that waterfall, again, one from each photographer.

 (5) The show will consist of 30 images: five images of each of the six selected subjects – one image per photographer per subject. 

  • October 2021:  Artistic Expression
  • Exhibit Opens:  September 25th
  • Exhibit Closes:  October 29th   
  • Entries Deadline:  April 6th
  • Jurying: April 9th
  • Notifications: April 10th
  • Exhibit Setup:  Saturday, September 25th
  • Exhibit Takedown:  Saturday, October 30th

Submissions and Entry Fees

To enter work for consideration the team will be charged a flat fee of $30

Entries will be made by submitting images via email


Email and Payment

To enter for this show, teams will submit their entries via email. 
The team will designate one person to send their entries. 
The designated team member will submit one image per team member of the same subject (e.g., bridges, objects, settings, humans, buildings, animals, landscape, etc.) and select a team name.
Each team member will label their image using the following convention: LastName_FirstName_TeamName.jpg.  
Teams will submit their images by sending them in an email to the Members’ Gallery Coordinator at: and either sending or bringing their payment to FCCA.  Emails must contain the following information:

  • The artists name
  • artist full mailing address
  • artist email address
  • artist phone number

Images must be attached as .jpg files and titled as LastName_FirstName_TeamName and include the following information for each image.

  • Title
  • Media
  • We prefer images that are 1600 pixels in longest dimension.

In order to be eligible for judging, payments must be received at FCCA on or prior to the entry deadline.